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Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Wizara ya Viwanda na Biashara

Utafiti na ubunifu

To research on all issues pertaining to the sectors under the Ministry of Investment, Industries and Trade
This Unit will perform the following activities: -


  • Coordinate the periodic cost benefit analysis on the effectiveness of incentives accorded to investors by the Government in collaboration with other stakeholders;
  • Conduct research on matters that affect foreign and domestic investments in all sectors;
  • Assess investment social impacts in line with local content policy.
  • Conduct industrial census and surveys
  • Conduct marketing intelligence and value chain analysis for local and export potential products and services;
  • Undertake research to enhance competitiveness of Industrial and SME sector;
  • Conduct industrial and SMEs research and disseminate findings based
    on implementation of industrial and SMEs policies and strategies;
  • Conduct market research, market intelligence and value chain analysis for potential
    goods and services for domestic and international markets;